We have Mountain Bicycles and Moto Scooters available for rent. We suggest routes and paths to those interested in exploring lesser known locations around Kalimpong.  Renting two wheels is the best way to discover the town at your own convenience and freedom.  Please give us a call to check the availability of Bicycles or Motor Scooters.


  • 1. Should be over 18 Years of age

  • 2. Valid Identity Proof

3. Valid two wheeler driving license (Not necessary for Bicycles)

4. Two wheeler International Driving License for (IDL) in case of foreign nationals (Not necessary for Bicycles)

5. Security deposit of Rs. 1,000/- per bicycle and Security deposit of Rs. 5,000/- per Moto Scooter (Refundable if no damages are found)




We at Cafe Refuel have organised and have been associated with several events. We have conducted bicycle workshops, organised bicycle uphill endurance tests, been food partners at Rock Concerts, College Festivals, Nepal Earthquake Fundraising 2015 and State Level Cultural Festivals.

Bicycle Workshop - The Kalimpong Bicycle Workshop :  Cycl:ops, a cycling group from Kalimpong organized a Bicycle workshop on 26th April, 2015 at Kalimpong main road to spread the awareness of cycling as a healthy and  eco - friendly means of transport. The event was participated by riders from all age groups from Kalimpong and Sikkim.  After a ride around town Palden Sherpa, from Hub Outdoors conducted a workshop at Cafe Refuel.  He had brought his pro level mountain bikes as examples of high end bikes. The children and grown ups were equally amazed looking at these wonderful machines.



Bicycle Uphill Endurance Tests - Kalimpong Adventure Inc. Bicycle Challenge @7001 ft (701Ft to 7001ft) :  This event is an example of dedication, concentration and stamina.  This event was conducted by KAI (Kalimpong Adventure Inc.) in collaboration with Cafe Refuel.  Cafe Refuel participated in this event along with other riders by riding till Chowrasta, Darjeeling.  The endurance challenge started from Kalimpong Mela ground at 8 AM on 27th May, 2013.  The cyclists were escorted by the motorcycle Traffic Police till the outskirts of town.  The ride became difficult once the riders started ascending Darjeeling's steep winding roads.  It took 9 hrs to complete the endurance ride and only 5 participants completed it.  A great achievement for the riders since vehicles too has a tough time climbing the steep roads to Darjeeling.





Rock Concert - Rangh : Cafe Refuel was the Food Partner at a rock concert held at Himalayan Hotel by EventsKpg.   The local rock band...Rangh was sensational.  The music was great, vocals was great.  We all enjoyed the evening and it set the local rock concert benchmark quite high.


College Festivals - Sikkim Manipal Institue of Technology :  Kaalrav College festival is one of the biggest college level festivals and Cafe Refuel was fortunate to be  invited to SMIT to have a food stall.  We took this opportunity to serve our food to the various colleges who had come to participate there.  The idea was just to serve good food at affordable price to the future think tanks of India and have fun.  There was inter-collegiate dance, singing, debate, basketball, fashion show and various other competitions.  The 3rd and final day was allotted for the much awaited Parikrama rock show.  The opening band was a local band called Local Train who played very well and vocals were good as well. By late evening Parikrama took over the stage and the venue just swelled up with thousands of students.  It was a great night, worth remembering. 

Nepal Earthquake Fundraising - Freelink Highway  :  The earthquake calamity that struck Nepal and the Himalayan Belt took us by surprise. The destruction it caused was catastrophic and... we at Cafe Refuel wanted to help the victims and in our small capacity organised a fundraising event for the victims. Freelink Highway performed an acoustic night at Cafe Refuel for the fundraising event and after their performance there was a slide played showing the damage the earthquake had caused. A hat was passed afterwards and with the proceeds tarpulin, food and other relief material was purchased.


International Cultural Festival - Hornbill Festival, Nagaland  :  The Hornbill festival is a prestigious annual festival of Nagaland which is conducted every 1st week of December.  It is a 10 day festival and offers a unique insight into the way of the Nagas, the indigenous tribe of Nagaland.  The festival showcases the different types of tribes, their delicacies, huts, clothes and their arts and craft.  Apart from this, tribal dance, meat kicking, pork eating competition, chilly eating competition, dance, singing, rock show, etc. was also there.  Cafe Refuel was lucky to have a stall there.  We prepared Mexican dish and Naga thali.

Kalimpong School ICSE Crossroad Fest  :  Cafe Refuel was the official food court member at the 2014 ICSE Crossroad Fest held at St. Augustine's School.  We supplied burgers, fried chicken wings, rolls, samosas, phaleys, juice, cold coffee, ice cream and lots more.  

Internship for Taktse Students at the Cafe  :  We had students over from Taktse International School for internship at the cafe.  The students were sent over to us to learn from our experiences as "foreign returns" who gave up their comfortable jobs and started something new in their hometown by using knowledge from online research.  The students learnt how to make pizza, burger, cakes, burrito, fix cycles from scratch, etc.  We cycled, conversed on current topics, history, science and music and completed the internship with tasty barbeque and a warm camp fire.



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